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Namaste and Welcome to AyurvaWellness center where our goal is to provide holistic wellness and healing services. We are focused on giving total healing and wellness programs that address the mind, body, and spiritual health of our clients under one roof. AyurvaWellness founders are local residents of Austin TX.

AyurvaWellness was conceptualized and founded by Suparna who has completed her Ayurvedic Wellness training from Kerala Ayurveda Academy. She practiced Ayurveda from India where she grew up and followed the Ayurvedic lifestyle and saw the benefits of it. She continued to practice it while she moved to USA and saw the opportunity to spread the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda to the larger community. She believes that following a Ayurvedic lifestyle is possible in today’s moderns busy world and we can help others adapt to this lifestyle so there be a good harmony of mind body and soul.  She loves to be in nature and enjoys cooking in her free time, she has three wonderful kids and a loving husband.

Our Story

At AyurvaWellness we understand the need of our guests and are committed to provide top-notch customer service and make every experience at AyurvaWellness a special and memorable one so you may come back again and make it part of your lifestyle. Ayurva wellness healing can be a combination of various services such as massages, yoga practice, meditation, and skincare programs. AYURVA WELLNESS center promotes health and wellness in an elegant, yet casual atmosphere where licensed therapists are experienced in customizing treatments to your specific needs.

We are serving on the core principals of Ayurveda based on ancient mind body health system developed in India.  The origin of the word lies in Sanskrit language where it refers to a vital life sustaining force. Ayurva wellness is a central concept in Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga and is understood as “that which suffuses life into all living forms”. It is believed to flow through a network of subtle channels called nadis throughout the body. In practical terms, all physical feelings or energies that arise or flow within a living being are manifestations of Ayurved.

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