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The Ayurvedic Science of Detoxification and Rejuvenation

PANCHAKARMA, is the process of purification also known as Ayurvedic detoxification process, it is a comprehensive system of knowledge and is practiced to purify the body from accumulated doshas, malas and toxins and restore it to balance with natural sources. it is basically a bio – cleansing regimen, which facilitates the body system for better bio – availability of the healing therapies, besides achieving homeostatis of doshas. It also increases the acceptability of the body to various dietary regimens and use of rejuvenation therapy ( rasayana ) for promoting health as well as for therapeutic regimens.

As more and more people are affected by stress, either environmental, mental or physical stress, there are more complaints of diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. All these diseases are complex disorders that accumulate over lifetime.

The most deeply seated toxins that cause disease are heavy and sticky and they easily lodge into the tissue layers. Panchakarma eliminates these toxins from the body, allowing the permanent healing of tissues, channels, digestion and mental functions.

Our Panchakarma Program


Ayurvedic consultation


Abhyanga oil massage








Panckarrma diet plan


Personalized health and wellness lifestyle plan.


Offer's Benefits

  • Get for total relaxation,
  • Boost immunity,
  • Get rid of toxins,
  • Get on a healthy track by following the lifestyle guide.

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