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AyurvaWellness offers various yoga styles that help you develop a practice, specific to your individual needs and capabilities. The yoga styles taught here emphasize linking breath and movement and offer individualized approaches respecting the needs of each person. The focus is on the inner experience and particular healing benefits of each posture rather than on achieving a particular external form. We can help you take your practice to new depths in your life.

Private One on One Yoga

An opportunity to work one-on-one to develop a yoga practice, to further enhance your yoga training or to explore an area of physical limitation. If you would like to be guided through a sequence privately, this is an ideal program. Call us to learn more about your private session.


5 classes for   $325/-

3 classes for  $210/-

Yoga For Kids

This class is designed for kids in age group 5 years to 12 years to enjoy fun, friendly and joyful yoga. Yoga asanas help growing kids to develop Correct Posture, Body Coordination, Body Awareness, Concentration and Focus, and Self Esteem.

On Health Benefits; it strengthens the immune system, improves the breathing and increases the strength and flexibility. Let your kids enjoy the whole new experience of moving their bodies through powerful yogic techniques.

They deserve to become more healthier and brighter!


5 classes for   $100/-

Senior Yoga

Senior Yoga is a safe practice designed to meet the individual needs and abilities of students who are gracefully aging in their senior years. This class is focused toward gentle, safe and fun techniques for a slow moving practice. Enjoy a joyful class with your peers and a teacher who is experienced with creating an appropriate class for this age group. Participants should be able to get up and down from the mat without pain. 


5 classes for  $225/-

3 classes for $150/-

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